Guru-purnima - 2014

Guru-purnima, 12th of July 2014

Message from Swami Veda Bharati

My dearest kin in the mantra realms,

My prostrations to Gurudeva on this occasion of Full Moon dedicated to the Guru.

My ever loving greetings to those who are my kin in the Guru-granted mantra realm.

At Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), we are going to have akhanda-patha (24 hour non-stop recitation) of Guru-Gita, the Song to the Guru.

The mantras (1) Gurur brahma gurur vishnur... and (2) akhanda-mandala... are two of the verses from Guru-gita. The recitation will be nonstop from 4th to 12th July, done by a team of Pandits.

Many are still unclear on who or what the Guru is. Guru is a shakti, a transcendental force permeating the immanent world. It is the very Holy Spirit, the Teacher of All.

You have felt the presence of this shakti.

You have felt the shakti when sitting in a group meditation with a teacher whose meditation is deep enough for the shakti to descend through him/her.

You have felt the shakti when receiving a mantra from one who is linked.

You experience the shakti when the mantra goes on, on its own in your mind.

You experience the Guru-shakti when, in meditation, mantra goes on in high frequency without an effort of your own.

You experience the shakti when some special SATTVIC inspiration strikes you: Caution, if you are under guidance let your guide discern whether such 'inspiration' is from the shakti or just the confused and confusing waves of the subconscious mind.

When the cool breeze or wave of quietness and stillness touches your mind in meditation, know that you are in loving embrace of Guru-shakti.

On the occasions of the experience of the presence of Guru-shakti, do, in deepest of the mind, send your gratitude to the Guru Lineage.

At this sacred time of receiving the Guru-wave, the Guru-purnima, I send you my very special prayers that may the Guru-shakti guide you to yet higher consciousness.

In service of Gurudeva,

Swami Veda Bharati